"When we open our eyes, do we see the world as it really is? Do we see reality? ... Everyone has formulated theories, but today neuroscience has an answer. The answer is that we don't see reality. The world has its own objectivity, we just don't see it. Our experience of the world does not coincide with what the latter really is because our brain has not evolved to do this. " Thus begins one of the most effective texts on neuroscience in circulation, a fundamental knowledge base for any designer who really wants to know what he designs and how his work will be used. Since the times of Goethe and the Gestalt, the theories of form, colors and perception have been wasted, but they all had one flaw: they were based on the personal perceptions of those who formulated them. Now we have some more data to know how things really are and it is embarrassing not to take them into account, especially in the training of new designers, because, as the author says: "we never see reality and this is good, it becomes a problem if we are convinced, we really see it”.

Beau Lotto, Perceptions, how the brain builds the world, Bollati Boringhieri, Turin 2020.

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