What happens when a Vietnamese artist meets a French photographer? Certainly, something refined. This is what happened when Isabelle Chapuis, a photographer who works on the interaction between art and fashion, met Duy Anh Nhan Duc, an artist of Vietnamese origin. Together they began a collaboration that gave birth to works and images that explore the relationship between art and nature. Dandelion, lion tooth, is a series of portraits in which the photographer and the artist combine their skills to create delicate and evocative works.

Director of photography: Isabelle Chapuis

Plant Artist: Duy Anh Nan Duc

Stylist: Coline Peyrot

Hair: Chiao Chenet + Karine Walzack assisted by Mathieu Villalonga

Make up: Masae Ito + Maki Ihara

Model: Charlie @ WM + Terry @ Karin Models

Plant assistant: Olivia Brunet

Photography assistant: Denis Mareau

Second assistant photography: Alexis Pichot

#vegetalart #IsabelleChapuis #DuyAnhNanDuc

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