There is a direct connection between the panorama that Deep Time opens up to us and the relationship with what we call nature for convenience. Since we, Sapiens, have been on earth we have spent more than 99% of our existence outdoors, among plants and other animals. This type of environment is the one in which we grew up and the one that can best accommodate us, the artificial environment has come so recently that our body hasn't had time to get used to it. From these and other considerations, practices arise that see direct contact with vegetation as an effective method of restoring our psychophysical balance. From the Japanese shrinrin-yoku derive practices called Forest bathing and Forest therapy, the theme of this book released in April 2021, which with clear and discursive language introduces into this world, with the aim of increasing well-being and health.

Mirco Tugnoli, Practical Manual of Forestry Therapy, Tarka 2021

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