The garden of the Mediterranean

For most, Giuseppe Barbera is a professor of Arboreal Cultivation at the University of Palermo, for those who know him instead, he is an inexhaustible mine of news, facts, anecdotes, stories, mythologies, in short, of all the knowledge that is released from that subject. so much heralded in this period that it goes by the name of "plants". Those who are lucky enough to have a book of him at home certainly keep it geologically and do not lend it unless under threat. This is because his books cannot be read: they can be tasted, sipped like precious cognacs, held in their hands to make every perfume come out, and the release of a new distillalt is a sure source of pleasure among connoisseurs. Then, if you prefer Coca Cola, it's your business.

Giuseppe Barbera, The garden of the Mediterranean. Stories and landscapes from Homer to the Anthropocene, Il Saggiatore, Milan 2021

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