The Encyclopedia at the time of the Anthropocene

It is now really clear to everyone that one can no longer ignore the rampant impact that man has had on the earth, so much so that it has given its name to a geological era in itself, the Anthropocene. But perhaps what is not yet clear to everyone is the intrinsic connection that exists between us and all other living beings, the surrounding environment and the subtle balances of the ecosystem in which we are immersed. The book "Connectedness, An Incomplete Encyclopedia of the Anthropocene" aims precisely to focus on these connections, and to diagnose, detect and catalog the work of humanity on Earth, pointing out how much we humans are not fully aware of connection between humanity and nature. It is a real encyclopedia, unfinished, however, as the title itself declares, obviously being a collection of processes still in progress and as we are all still fully immersed in this difficulty, it was not yet over. A unique collection, an acute selection of about 100 thoughts, intuitions, images, considerations, intuitions, observations and anthropocentric notes. These "connections" are expressed by contributions that come from some of the most significant voices of our time, such as Donna Haraway, Bill McKibben, Greta Thunberg, Bruno Latour, Alice Waters, Björk, Tomas Saraceno and many others, with scientific, academic articles, posters, poems, visual works, photographs and much more. The encyclopedia accompanied the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale 2020 in the Danish Pavilion, which will be staged starting from May 2021. (Silvia Marchese)

Marianne Krogh (ed.), Connectedness, An Incomplete Encyclpedia of the Anthropocene, Strandberg Publishing, 2020

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