The positive meaning of fever lies in determining a lively passion, a strong desire, in this case a phyto-desire. "Plant Fever" is a project of contagious enthusiasm, which is expanding where it finds fertile land. A traveling project to highlight the hidden potential of plants, an exhibition consisting of about fifty plant-inspired projects, supported by a rich publication, an intentional manifesto of the operation and a constantly moving web platform. The intent of this exhibition is to move the design viewfinder no longer to humans but to plants, where the latter become the protagonists, giving design a new plant perspective. Thanks to fashion projects, new materials, emerging technologies, etc. that aim to highlight concepts such as plant blindness, biomimicry, forestry and many other issues. The project, curated by the D-o-t-s studio, and which will return on stage from December to April 2022 at the Museum für Gestaltung in Zurich, after having recently been to the Grand-Hornu in Belgium, follows in the footsteps of an Italian project presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan in 2013, Natural Born Object, curated by Maurizio Corrado and taken around Italy in the same year. (Silvia Marchese)

PROJECT: Plant Fever

EDITED BY: Studio d-o-t-s

PLACE: itinerant


18/10/2020-07/03/2021 Grand Honru, Belgium.

03/12/2021-03/04/2022 Museum für Gestaltung, Zurich.

PHOTOS: Tim Van de Velde, Olly Cruise


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