Bureaucracy and competitors have destroyed U-Mask, the brand born in the middle of the pandemic that develops innovative masks. It is true that U-Mask does not have an official scientific validation, but only has an applied for patent and visual material that explains the filtering of the masks. Removing the U-Mask from the market means lawfully controlling the market for protective devices with great care, but the classic “two weights and two measures” method is used. In fact, the proposed mask has been compared by competent professionals such as an Ffp3, and the test it had undergone certified 99% protection both internally and externally. According to independent tests by a competitor, however, it claims that the mask does not cover more than 70%. Is it a major product innovation or a deceptive new type of mask? U-Mask is very popular in the midst of the pandemic with a customizable, reusable product, designed specifically for our face and ultra comfortable. On the company's website it is written in large letters that the masks would be the first on the market to be "biotech": 4 different layers and an outer shell in recycled nylon. The innovation would be in the "self-sanitizing" system, a natural active ingredient capable of reducing the bacterial load so as to destroy them inside. Could U-Mask be yet another Italian excellence, perhaps knocked out by the competition? (Guglielmo Rossi Scota)

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