A masterly skill in the use of natural materials is demonstrated by the project by the French studio Guinée Potin Architectes in the construction of the Centre Beautour in La Roche-sur-Yon in France. Dedicated to research on the environment and biodiversity, the building demonstrates, with the same material it is made of, a deep respect for the parameters of sustainability beyond any technological fascination. The main material is straw, but processed in such a particular and unique way as to be a real example for those who really want to build in an ecological way. The Centre Beautour contains a large selection of the rich collection of the naturalist Georges Durand, collected in over 70 years of work. There are birds, insects, herbaria and other wonders that give a vast panorama of the naturalistic culture of the 20th century and current practices. Designed within an eight-hectare park with a labyrinth of willows and significant places, the Center Beautour is a place for meetings and exchanges and offers exhibitions, events and conferences.

* Project nominated for 2015 Mies Van der Rohe Prize, European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture

* Finalist for the Fibra Award 2018, world prize for plant fiber architectures

* 2nd prize at the Vendée Departmental Architecture and Planning Award 2016

* Winner of the OFF for Sustainable Development 2015, in the 'wood grows' category

* 3rd prize at the 2014 National Wood Construction Prize

TITLE OF THE WORK: Beautour, Centre de découverte, de culture scientifique et de recherche sur l’environnement et la biodiversité

TYPE: Scientific research center

DESIGNER: Guinée Potin Architectes

LOCATION: La Roche-sur-Yon, France


PHOTO: Sergio Grazia

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