The historiography of architecture in Italy has two recognized giants: Leonardo Benevolo and Bruno Zevi, Benevolo with the Modern Movement as a lighthouse, Zevi with Frank Lloyd Wright. After decades of benevolent preponderance, now it seems that the time, where realizing that the house is not a stupid machine to live in but a complex organism to grow, has finally come. Then, works like this one from the Bruno Zevi Foundation, which manage to give a broad panorama of another way of seeing architecture by indicating the names, surnames and works of those who have never managed to force themselves into the Teutonic rational aesthetic, are welcome. 51 designers, from Sullivan to Miralles, a remarkable critical apparatus, images, drawings, insights, all for less than 18 euros. An opportunity not to be missed, before benevolence notices it.

Adachiara Zevi, Giovanni D'Ambrosio, Luca Guido, (edited by) Una guida all’architettura organica, Iacobelli Editore, 2021

#organicarchitecture #brunozevi #organicarchitecture

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