Icy & Sot are an artistic duo made up of two Iranian brothers aged 29 and 35. Inspired by Greta Thunberg's speeches, the two artists created “Our house is on fire”, a performance setting fire to a house-shaped structure in the middle of the Nevada desert, created in March 2020. Showing the decay of this house in the throes of flames, symbolically representing the earth, they want to make us reflect on the climate changes taking place on our planet, highlighting the fact that once "burned" there will be no substitute, at least in the short term. Icy & Sot, as other young artists are doing more and more, work not only on climate change, but also on social problems such as capitalism, the condition of women, war, using the streets as a canvas to be able to communicate, without constraints. and uncensored. (Niccolò Corazza)

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