Human Habitat. Landscapes of the Anthropocene

In the wake of the countless photographic exhibitions on how we have changed the planet, also comes "Human Habitat. Landscapes of the Anthropocene", at MUSE, Trento Science Museum until 18 July 2021. On display photographs by Tom Hegen and 6 emerging artists. Faced with these images to which abstract art has accustomed us, we remain in the balance between beauty and filth, is it possible that flowers are born from manure? A wonderful image is obtained from an open pit mine in the Andes, so what is beautiful, the mine, the image or the idea of proposing it to us? Doesn't this proliferation of images that wrap the word Anthropocene around the neck like a cashmire scarf prevent us from seeing the real Anthropocene nestled like a snake in the supermarkets where we go every day?

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