How to have energy in any place

If you have always been passionate about camping and you have often wondered how you can recharge your electronic devices when you are in the middle of nature, now we have the answer: KiteX! Born from a small startup based in Copenhagen, KiteX is a comfortably transportable wind turbine capable of producing all the energy needed to make you feel at home. Extremely quick to assemble, about 15 minutes, as pre-assembled by the company and weighing only 10kg, this innovative wind turbine is available in two versions of 200W and 600W depending on your needs. A product of this kind becomes more and more interesting for campers from a sustainability perspective, as it allows them to create their own energy, without having to depend on the power line or on polluting and difficult to dispose of batteries. Fundraising to support the project has started on Kickstart, we will see in the coming months if people will be able to grasp the potential of the project. (Niccolò Corazza)

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