This book could be defined as a collective work in which Cintya Concari, following the thread of Roberto Marcatti's activity, brought together memories, opinions, facts and stories from at least a couple of decades of the culture of design. Marcatti is a kind of white fly, in the panorama of contemporary design, always frank, sincere, direct, critical, he went through the golden decades of Italian design in close contact with all the protagonists, always remaining faithful to himself and his idea. of a design that does not close its eyes to all social and environmental issues. In the book, among others, there are contributions by Enrico Baleri, Nicoletta Baucia, Evelina Bazzo, Toti Carpentieri, Aldo Cibic, Oscar Colli, Angelo Cortesi, Marco Ferreri, Carlo Forcolini, Alessandro Guerriero, Ugo La Pietra, Anna Maria Laville, Paolo Lomazzi, Laura Maggi, Ico Migliore, Antonella Minetto, Cristina Morozzi, Maurizio Peregalli, Ambrogio Rossari, Mara Servetto, Umberto Zapelloni, Giuliana Zoppis. The result is an overview of Italian design from the 1980s to today, as told by those who have actually done it.

Cintya Concari, Roberto Marcatti, Tell # mi #, H2O, 2020

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