James Hillman tells us essential words about beauty: “We want the world because it is beautiful, its sounds, its smells, its structures, the sensitive presence of the world as a body. In short, beneath the ecological crisis lies the much deeper crisis of love, the fact that our love has left the world; and that the world is devoid of love results directly from the repression of beauty, its beauty and our sensitivity to beauty. In order that love return to the world, it is first necessary beauty return to it, otherwise we would love the world only for moral duty: clean it, preserve its nature, exploit it less. " (Hillman, The Politics of Beauty) It is exactly these last three things mentioned by Hillman that triumph now in the current culture of sustainability: cleanliness, preserving nature, exploiting less. It is only the moral duty on what it is possible to put pressure on, which is why it is important to shift the perspective in the direction of beauty and pleasure. It is necessary that the idea of ​​ecology is equivalent to that of pleasure.

Image: Artemisia Gentileschi, Lucrezia.

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