Today, more than sixty years after its birth, sustainable architecture must take a step forward and pay specific attention to shape and beauty aspects. Technology is necessary but not sufficient to produce useful works and when technology is expected to save us, it is like expecting a hammer to solve the problems of pollution. The hammer is a tool, it is the person who uses it who must know what to do. Technology persistence of certain operators only hides a conceptual impotence, a poverty of thought and action. Moreover, it is undeniable that all ecological culture is affected by a spirit of sacrifice and self-punishment that leads it to favor an aesthetic of renunciation and poverty. In recent years, ecology has become a container-word that is often accompanied by ideas of limitation and constraint, while its most pertinent travel companions are well-being and pleasure. (Maurizio Corrado)

Image: Oscar Niemeyer, Museo Nacional Honestino Guimarães. Photo by Jaime Barajas

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