Giugiaro and Philip Stark had tried and failed, but now it is up to the new designers: there is time until June 4th to create a new type of pasta able of renewing and revolutionizing aesthetics, functionality and taste also through the use of raw materials other than durum wheat. Through the platform, Barilla has launched the “Barilla New Pasta Shape” contest open to everyone, aged 18 and over. This interesting initiative by the Italian company expresses the desire to renew the pasta product which has long been linked to traditional shapes. The new contest follows the attempts made previously by other brands, such as Giugiaro's 1983 project for Voiello: the Marille, inspired by the sectional view of a car gasket, were a kind of double inverted rigatoni, designed so that their grooves could hold the seasonings and not absorb them. In fact, compared to the rigatoni, the Marille had the wrinkled part in the concave side instead of on the convex surface. The pasta, despite its originality, gradually disappeared from the market due to a design problem: due to its shape, the joining parts cooked with difficulty compared to the rest of the other parts of the pasta. Four years later, Philip Stark had tried again for Panzani, also with poor results. Go ahead then, let's pass the masters, the French is justified, since outside Italy it is not so much used to eat pasta and perhaps the Italian was not used to cook. (Niccolò Corazza)

In the image, Giugiaro's project.

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