Now more than ever, the debate on architecture needs and has the opportunity to listen to other voices coming from different territories to enrich its own specificity. “The mind-landscape. The lands represent the main mental resources of Homo sapiens: technical, linguistic, social and ecological intelligence that interact with each other. (...) The translation of thought into images and spatial dynamics does not take place starting from an abstract space, but makes use of everyday space, the one that dominates the physiological and cultural horizon, and which serves as a model-referent for actions and ideas. Until the invention of the city, but also after, the ecological landscape was the all-encompassing horizon in which human gestures and thoughts were naturally immersed. Whether it is a co-evolution between genes and culture or a purely cultural product, the "landscape mind" has been, and in many cases still is, a useful cognitive strategy for orienting oneself in the world."

Matteo Meschiari, Disabitare, Antropologie dello spazio domestico, Meltemi, 2018.

With contributions by Tim Ingold, Jacques Lévi, Sami Rintala, drawings by Claudia Losi.

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