In order to create civilization, we necessarily move on from a phase of barbarism which is the one that metaphorically and truly this viral barbarity has imposed on us. We use creativity every day to evolve even when we try to pay for brioche with the mobile phone but the real novelty and that we are beginning to give primary value to the term CREATIVITY by getting it out of the ghetto of aestheticism alone or Darwinian evolution.

We need new solutions and we would like to find innovations that are capable of giving answers.This will happen if we are able to interpret ourselves without hesitation using creativity as an essential and fundamental component of our action, something that is within our soul and that we must express without necessarily knowing what it will lead to unlike the project that normally knows it.

It is the role of the artistic and intellectual avant-garde to boldly propose what one feels and then understand how to use that feeling. Express yourself first and then rationalize...... LATER. (Massimo Iosa Ghini)

Urban Perspective by Paul Klee (1879-1940, Switzerland)

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