Biophilia, what it is and when it was born

Erich Fromm, psychologist and psychoanalyst, in his Anatomy of human destructiveness published in 1973, speaks of the biophilic attitude as that of those who tend towards the dynamic aspect of life, which leads to a kind of empathy towards everything that lives, opposing it to the necrophilic attitude, which goes in the opposite direction, towards death. In 1984 Edward Wilson takes up the term and develops it in a hypothesis where he argues that the human being has an "innate tendency to focus one's interest on life and vital processes" to the point of specifying it as "the innate tendency to concentrate our attention to the shapes of life and everything that reminds them and, in some circumstances, to become emotionally affiliated with them ". Today the term is used by the way and, more often, inappropriately, to indicate a certain fascination with the plant world, which is actually only a part of everything that lives, often trivializing it into a simple "love for plants" forgetting how in reality it is of life that we speak, even of that of our neighbor, the human being who is next to us, the one to whom a well-known mystic referred when he said “Love your neighbor as yourself”.

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