Alchemilla's alchemy

The key word of the Alchemilla space is contamination. In the Renaissance Vizzani palace in Bologna, the spaces of Alchemilla offer research, experimentation and exhibition of works. The artists are also offered a residency service that allows them to gather and share the artistic life while always having their own atelier and laboratory. Exhibition rooms, ateliers, guest rooms, common areas and service areas is the perfect combination for a relationship of professional figures, with greater attention to young talents who can meet, live together and compare, carry out their artistic activity and activate cultural proposals training courses such as workshops and seminars. Alchemilla wants to host art, support it and provide young artists with the necessary contamination for personal growth, thus expanding their cultural background and opportunities in the workplace. (Guglielmo Rossi Scota)

Image: Alessandro Pessoli, City of God, on display at Alchemilla.

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