ADI Design Museum

Discussed, coveted, feared, whispered, hindered and finally strongly desired, finally from 26 May 2021 ADI DESIGN MUSEUM COMPASSO D'ORO is open in Milan. 5,135 square meters dedicated to design, two thousand pieces in the collection, new acquisitions at each edition of the most prestigious award in international design, a permanent exhibition with the objects awarded since 1954, exhibitions, meeting spaces and events located in the former industrial area between via Ceresio and via Bramante. The area will house, with the museum, the offices of ADI and the ADI Foundation, meeting rooms, the library and the historical archive of ADI, a bookshop and an area dedicated to catering. The museum will be set up according to the project developed by Ico Migliore, Mara Servetto and Italo Lupi. The project is based on the idea of ​​a 'narrating museum'. It is managed by a Steering Committee made up of various figures, from designers Walter de Silva and Giulio Ceppi to historians Luca Molinari and Beppe Finessi and even Paolo Borzatta, director of The European House - Ambrosetti; Alberto Spinelli of Confindustria Lombardia; Claudio Feltrin, president of Assarredo; Vincenzo Gringoli of Bain & Company; Monica Maggioni of Rai.

IMAGE: ADI – Il Museo narrante, disegno di Ico Migliore.


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